Enjoy the Red Sea amazing underwater creatures!

Try scuba diving from mecca offers you the chance to experience The Red Sea as it is one of the most Diverse bodies of water. You can explore it and experience diving with all the awesome creatures that awaits. Common Creatures in The Red Sea are Rays  Eels  Scorpionfish & Stonefish  Crocodilefish  Clownfish  Grouper  Triggerfish  Squirrelfish  Pufferfish  Butterflyfish  Angelfish  Others

Try Scuba Diving from Mecca is a program designed for Pilgrims and locals. Therefore This program is considered cheap for what it offers.

Instructor with Students On the surface

Designed For Beginners

You can try scuba diving from mecca without any previous experience. Therefore, our SSI instructors will guide you through your adventure. In addition, we will give you a theoretical  lesson on the classroom to get acquainted with the signs used to communicate underwater. We will make sure you are comfortable with your equipment underwater in a swimming pool session. After that, we will head to the open water to begin your journey.

In conclusion, this program can be done by, anyone over 10 Years old. In addition, it can be done by non-swimmers as well.

Transportation is Included

This program will include two way transportation from your hotel in Mecca. Equipment and resort entry fees are included. Although, food and drinks are not included in this program. You still can buy them from the resort or the closest Pizza Hut.

In conclusion, you only have to get your fresh towel and a change of clothes.

Diver waving the OK sign

Try Scuba Program Price

1 SR
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About us

Al-Haddad Scuba is the most Successful diving center in Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi Diving Association, “Al-Haddad Scuba is responsible for 16 percent of all licenses issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. We are the distributors of Mares in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Our mission

To deliver a fun and professional experience to all our costumers. We would go to all limits to fulfill our costumers requests and give all of you the administrations we can offer.

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