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The Ultimate Diving Experience

Al-Haddad Scuba is the most visited dive center in Jeddah. We offer the most exciting scuba diving programs. Your enjoyment and safety  are our top priority. Our facility and it’s staff, have enough experience. we have trained more than 3000 Divers in the past 5 years. We offer diving in Jeddah and Rabigh. As a result, we focus on producing well established divers. Our Divers are, safe and comfortable under water. We stand, to make sure our divers are having the best diving community!..

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Book your next activity in Jeddah here where you can join our flexible schedules with no minimum seats required. Our trips and activities are sold by seat, unlike other providers which could cancel your trip if you don’t meet the minimum number of participants. Our trips go out daily and are the most trusted by the largest ticketing platforms in Saudi Arabia, Such as and Platinum list, Halla Yalla,, and more!

Charter your Boat or Yacht right Here!

We offer Boat and Yacht Charters where we will provide you with our services. We provide snacks and drinks on all our trips, Dive guides, diving cylinders, weight belts for divers, and Snorkeling equipment for people who want to do snorkeling trips or leisure trips.

Learning scuba in Jeddah was never easier than today!

We Have Scuba Diving training in Jeddah and Snorkeling instructors ready to tackle any and all schedules. Al-Haddad Scuba is well known and recommended by thousands of divers.

Our courses ranges from snorkeling, Try Scuba Diving (discovery dive), Basic diver course, Open water diver course. Certainly, after that the underwater world is yours with our wide range of specialties offered. As a Result, there is no better place to dive in Jeddah other than Al-Haddad Scuba.

surly, scuba diving will be a much fun experience with Al-Haddad Scuba along with the range of specialties such as Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Boat Diving, Shark Diving, Night Diving and Much more specialties are being offered to our divers pleasure to learn and know more about our  great coral environment.

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Diving Computers

Diving Computers are essential component for every diver as it provide you with information about your dive. also, it provides information as Dive time, current depth, maximum depth, decompression stops, safe stops and many more.

Buoyancy Control Device

Buoyancy Control Device AKA ( BCD ) is one of the most important pieces of a divers gear. It provides divers with many things such as, Buoyancy, tank attaching, weight integration, accessory attachments, etc..

Market Leader

Al-Haddad Scuba Offers the ultimate experience for all divers as we are the leading scuba diving company on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have, 11 Years of experience as a start up that grew to become the go to diving center in Saudi Arabia as we have the most experienced instructors and guides.

We offer a professional and safe experience for all of our divers that is supported with a lot of happy divers from all over the world. Our latest addition, is boat trips that goes out daily as we are the only boat trips provider that offer daily trips in Jeddah with professional and great staff to support you and keep you safe.

We Supply scuba diving equipment’s to most scuba diving centers all over Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain with the largest dealer network in The Middle East we proudly consider ourselves the go to scuba diving supplier in the region.

Scuba diving equipment's

We provide world’s best scuba diving equipment’s brands. Also, Al-Haddad Scuba is the sole distributors for Mares, Aropec, Tovatec and many more. Al-Haddad Scuba has one of the largest dealer network around.

Scuba diving training

Al-Haddad Scuba is an SSI Scuba Schools International Instructor training center. We train a large number of Scuba diving. Our courses ranging from, Open water diver to diving instructor level.

Scuba diving Gear rental

Our scuba diving gear rental service is our pride as we take care of our rental equipment’s and maintain them well. Quality over quantity, We only provide the best for our costumers to insure safety.