After sales service (scuba gear maintenance)

as we sell high quality gear, we maintain them in the same fashion. we provide the best guarantee and non guarantee maintenance services, our service technicians are trained on highest standards and are qualified not only to serve brands that we sell, but all diving and scuba equipment. scuba gear maintenance department offers competitive prices on all our services

product guarantee chart

Brand Category Period Remarks
Mares all 2 years International guarantee Mares brand has 2 year international guarantee on all products they sell. Therefore you can rest assured.
Aropec All 1 year limited guarantee
Tovatec torches 2 years limited guarantee

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How we maintain your gear:

scuba gear maintenance only uses genuine parts in our service. our technicians use only Manufacturer approved parts and tools. our service starts with in initial inspection of the item in service, the initial inspection is done to insure that all faults and aging parts are detected, ones we identify all faults in the operation of the gear and all aging parts that require changing we start the service process.

Which brands do we fix:

we fix and maintain all scuba diving brands to mention some: Scubapro, Mares, Aqualung, Seac, Hollis, Oceanic, sherwood, cressi, Suunto. if your items brand is not mentioned please contact us to find out if we can maintain it.

Dive computer battery change:

we offer battery changes in our scuba gear maintenance department, we service SUUNTO, Mares, Scubapro, Oceanic and seac sub computers

Most popular dive computers we service:

Puck D4i/D4Novo
Puck pro D6i/D6Novo
Smart Zoop
Smart Air
Quad Air